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You know what is better than a book of memes? A book of junkie memes we are aiming to smoke as much weed as we can and make the whole space junkie Join us in a junkie journey...

Book of meme is at 900m mc now, imagine what a book of junkie ones can reach...

Total supply: 42,000,000,000
21.4 billion
12.2 billion
Staking Reward
4.2 billion
CEX Listing
2.1 billion
2.1 billion
0% will be charged for each transaction.
Fair Launch & Liquidity will br BURNT
Get To Know The Book Of Junkie Memes
The Book Of Junkie Memes, is a unique meme project built on the Solana Network, posing as an interactive digital currency driven by honest devs and a thriving community, designed to create a fun and an engaging experience for crypto investors and meme enthusiasts alike.

The token will be available for purchase on various crypto exchanges and will be tied to the value of the Solana Network.

Our Community Of OGs
The Book Of Junkie Memes team is dedicated to creating a thriving community of like minded individuals who share a love for memes, weed and crypto.

The community holds a crucial position, providing vital support, technical knowledge, and overall project sustainability.

Most Importantly The Book Of Junkie Memes is an exciting project that combines the best of these three worlds – memes, weed smokers and crypto. With its unique concept and dedicated community, The Book Of Junkie Memes is set to become one of the most popular meme tokens in the market.

So, join the fun, grab yourself some $JMEMES tokens, and be part of our ever growing community!

Native DEX
The token will be launched soon, and it will be possible to trade directly on the website.
Raffle Game
Creators can create a raffle and let users participate and users buy ticket to win big prize.
Staking Rewards
Users can stake their JMEMES tokens or JMEMES-WSOL LP to earn passive income and help secure the platform.
Long-term $JMEMES token value
Due to fixed total supply without minting, the value of the JMEMES token is likely to increase over time.
KYC, Audit, SAFU
We've got our both team members verified by Pinksale, because transparency is key in the meme game!

✅︎ Both dev and co-founder were verified, no shady business here!
✅︎ Project info thoroughly checked and confirmed
✅︎ Verification process successfully completed on May 29, 2024
✅︎ We're committed to being transparent with our community
We're proud to announce that our token contract has successfully passed the audit by CFG Ninja:

✅︎ No issues or vulnerabilities were found
✅︎ Fixed total supply
✅︎ The owner cannot mint new tokens
✅︎ The owner cannot blacklist addresses
✅︎ The owner cannot lock the contract
SAFU Badge means that the project cannot be manipulated by the developer to hurt investors and gain an unfair advantage over them

✅︎ Contract audited by a trusted company, so you can trust us
✅︎ Owner can't pause trading, so you can trade freely
✅︎ Owner cannot to claim the contract’s balance of its own token
✅︎ Owner can't increase taxes, no surprise fees!
✅︎ We've got a safe and secure contract, so you can invest with confidence!
Frequently Asked Questions
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New Token Market
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Join the fun, grab yourself some $JMEMES tokens, and be part of our ever growing community!
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